Art surrounds us every minute of each day. The AA in Art program develops a student’s creative ability, independent thinking, and potential to become a visual thinker and effective communicator whether interested in the process of painting, commercial layout, making a functional ceramic piece or company logo. Students will be introduced to art history and hands-on studio experiences in drawing and design as well as ceramics or sculpture. Beyond the foundation requirements of art history and studio experience, students will have an opportunity to explore other studio areas in painting, printmaking, commercial art, and/or photography or further their skills in ceramics or sculpture or further focus on understanding of art history. In advanced courses, students will also be able to produce a portfolio of their work for presentation. These artistic skills and training experiences can lead to a variety of careers in many traditional studio and new digital design fields. These careers range through architecture and interior design, art history and education, museum/gallery curating, interactive design, museum/gallery direction, studio and fine arts, web based graphic and/or commercial art and design, and many other creative job paths that surround these creative professions.

Virtual Art Exhibition for Spring 2020 Courses

The Yuba College Art Department exhibits a virtual gallery of student work every semester from the many diverse courses offered at the Marysville Campus.

Ceramics department - photo of mug
Drawing of young woman
Painting of dark haired woman
Sculpture of elderly man
photograph of trees
digital art example of billboard
Digital Arts